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I created this project for a customer in Amsterdam. It's a game that uses intensively the Facebook SDK for iOS. Seeing the screenshots you will discover very easily the game mechanic. Despite the fact this is not a large project, I used several open source libraries, some of them are Facebook, MKStoreKit, AdWhirl, AdMob, Flurry, WCAlertView, AFNetworking, MBProgressHUD... I also developed a custom component, a progress bar with different animations.
A very nice part of the app is the design and art. I delegated all the art to my friend Frank Lindner. You can visit his portfolio here.
As my other projects, I used Bitbucket, TestFlight and SourceTree for management.

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  1. Benjamin Karskens
    October 17, 2013

    We hired Ricardo to develop this app for us. After talking to numerous freelancers we decided to hire Ricardo for the job. Before we even agreed to work with Ricardo he asked a lot of question about the project so he knew everything about it and was able to present us a good plan to develop the app. During the development Ricardo communicated on a daily base and sent builds of the app so we were able to see the development progress and test it. The app seemed to be quite technical but Ricardo managed to get everything done. He never took shortcuts and went on and beyond to make the app successful and stand out. We are very happy with the work Ricardo pulled off and will hire him again in the future. Thank you for your time and hard work on our project Ricardo!

    Benjamin Karskens


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